Wrought iron hand forged

To realize the head of a bed we start from a sketch in which after you have established the type of work (hammered and forged iron), the most important thing to decide with the client are the floral decorations.
With the information by the customer reproduce the sketch on sheet metal, real measurement with a piece of chalk, you can even better evaluate all the proportions, the harmony of the scrolls
The flowers are expanded by a rond cut to a point. After forged terminals of curls and leaves, must shape the individual parts on the drawing prepared as traces on the sheet.
Once assembled all the various pieces in the arch structure, using of the welding arc, we must remove the dross and clean its surface to prepare it for painting.
Then we go to the paint, which we all brush, first with a rust inhibitor and then two coats of enamel (in this case graphite black).
Finally we paint with a brush the leaves and flowers, a silver and gold to emphasize them and of make them more decorative. Finally fix and protect everything with a coat of clear varnish finish.