The passion for the hand-forged wrought iron has been handed down in the family for several generations, still wrought iron work with my cousin in the same forge of my grandfather and my father. It has seen the transformation from a production directed agricultural equipment for processing of the terraces of olive trees of Liguria, a production direct home furnishing forged wrought iron by hand for the interior and exterior, with which we try to offer items that meet the tastes and demands of specific customers. Speak today of hand forged wrought iron, looks like something out of time, become accustomed to being surrounded by mass production. This diversity is its strength, the ability to meet the needs of each customer, to appreciate an object for its originality, customize its shape, making it a unique piece every time. The culture of forged iron and the work made by hand, has the central figure of the artisan who creates and who should be re-evaluated, with respect to products made ​​with industrial elements assembled, where economic motivations often obliges the choice to run toward repetitive forms. At this culture we think of belong and in our small way to help maintain and publicize it.

Our Services


Welcome this is the entrance of our small wrought iron workshop where we make our creations are hand forged.


Our work is exclusively handcrafted wrought iron and uses the equipment that you can see in the workshop. Let’s say that it is technologically advanced, but it issufficient for our production completely by hand.


In this section, photos of some of the products and work carried.

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